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Frumious Brandysnaps

Road Trip!!!

Road Trip!!!

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Yesterday was rather pleasant - the kids were at school or nursery and I was working at home which meant that K and I were able to go and have lunch together... on our own... as actual grown-ups! This doesn't happen very often.

Amongst other things, we have been plotting our summer holiday - we're looking at taking three weeks over the summer holidays and going on a bit of a road trip around Scotland. The first week will be travelling up the East coast via (probably) North Berwick, to South Queensferry to see the Burryman then up to Stonehaven because I want to visit Dunnottar castle. Swinging past Loch Ness, we'll head out to the Western Isles, where we'll spend the second week. The third week will be split between Glasgow, the Dumfries & Galloway Dark Sky Park and the Lake District before coming home.


All rather vague at the moment... sometime soon we'll have to actually book things and plan dates. Really looking forward to it though :)
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