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Frumious Brandysnaps

Quick round-up (is anyone still reading this?)

Quick round-up (is anyone still reading this?)

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Hi there - once again, it's been ages since my last proper post on here. I'll try not to make this a long rambling post about all the things I've been doing over the last few months, but there really has been quite a lot going on.

We went on holiday

Last month, we took a week away with friends to Alnmouth in Northumberland. There were twelve of us in total, eight adults and four kids but we managed, eventually, to find somewhere big enough for us to stay in. The house was an old six-bedroom place with two living rooms (one for adults and one for kids). I was really pleased with the house and I'd definitely recommend it for a big group, I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.

During the week away, we drove up to Alnwick castle, Bamburgh, took a boat trip round the Farne islands, saw the house and grounds at Cragside and spent a lot of time on the beach. I've decided not to do a whole big round-up, mainly for the reason that rich_jacko has already done a cracking job over here.

A series of day-trips

After the holiday in Northumberland, I still had a week left before I went back to work so we took a few day trips. We made it out to Crich tramway village, Conisbrough castle, we walked part of the Monsal trail in the Peak District and drove up to Windermere and spent a day in the Lake District on a whim. As you do.

More recently

Last week my sister came up to Sheffield with my two nephews and we spent the afternoon together - we had lunch in town, then came home and the kids played in the park. It was great to meet up again, as it's the first time we'd spent any time together this year (I'm not very good at this whole "family" thing).

Last weekend we drove over to Wales to see purpletom and tiggothy and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with them. In the end there was quite a decent Sheffield contingent at the party and we also got to spend some time with otter_girl and Jim - the last time I saw them was when we camped out in their woods back in 2008 - and meet their two daughters for the first time. Considering their eldest is nearly five years old, I'm probably not very good at that whole "keeping in touch with friends" thing either.

We spent the night camped in a field a few minutes walk away from the community centre where the party had taken place, and in spite of the rain and mud I'm glad we went camping again - it's been absolutely ages and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be. Standing out in a field cooking bacon sandwiches for breakfast and drinking tea out a tin mug was a pretty high point of the whole camping experience for me. Then it was off to purpletom and tiggothy's house to say hello, go see their chickens and spend time with friends before driving back home to Sheffield.

and right now?

Right now I'm trying to sort out our garden - a few years ago a stray firework landed in a neighbour's garden and started a fire which burnt down our shed. I'm properly tidying up the mess now, I'm going to need to lay some new concrete and then we're putting up a nice little summer-house. It's all coming together, if a little slowly.
  • Yes, I still read this. It's lovely to hear your stories, even if I don't catch up with you guys enough!
  • (is anyone still reading this?)

    Yes, although Rich usually updates news of your activities in a more timely and detailed fashion than you do ;)
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