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Frumious Brandysnaps

New phone recommendations? (Just in case)

New phone recommendations? (Just in case)

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In other non-book-related news, my phone took it upon itself to play up this morning - it's an HTC Wildfire S that I bought about eighteen months ago. When I fetched it out of my pocket at breakfast it had gone into "Car Mode" entirely of its own volition... and kept doing this even after I'd told it not to. A spot of googling suggested that this could be caused by a hardware problem, a short between two of the pins of the micro-USB charging port on the side (this is presumably where it would be docked in a car, I would imagine).

After powering down the phone, and cleaning an almost inconceivable amount of pocket lint out of the charging port it seems to be back to normal, but it did make me think - this phone is getting on a bit now and much as I like it, it is quite under-powered. If it starts playing up again I think I'd probably start looking for something else, so with that in mind what would people recommend?
  • My phone's on its last legs and I'm letting it limp on until there are a selection of 4G phones and tariffs available from a variety of mobile phone operators. I wouldn't recommend anyone get a new phone now, with a radical change to mobile technology on the horizon.
  • Geeks are banging on about the Nexus 4 (if you can actually get one; batches of them are always sell out quickly) so maybe one of those if you're already invested in the Android app ecosystem.
    • I like the look of the Nexus 4 and the price is fairly good, but it bothers me that I can't put an SD card in it...
      • Guess it depends if you think you'll need more than 16gb of storage. I certainly wouldn't buy a phone with less than that these days but I find that sort of size manageable.
  • If you want something similar size-wise to your Wildfire S, the HTC Desire C - effectively the replacement for it - is probably worth a look.
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