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Ed Chivers
I am a computer programmer living in Sheffield, UK with my wife Krissy, baby daughter Evie and two cats. I play the violin and harmonica and occasionally fiddle about with a guitar. I dabble about every now and then with my various cameras but there aren't always that many pretty things in Sheffield to photograph! I have also started learning Mandarin Chinese. One day my brain will get full and it will explode. Life is a big confusing place, and more and more these days I'm feeling like the last analogue man in a digital world.

If I've added you to my friends list, please don't feel obliged to add me back unless you want to, I post a lot of nonsense that even my "real life" friends would find brain-numbingly dull...

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I have taken a variety of photos lately with my digital and film cameras. I particularly like playing around with night-time shots. These are some of my current favourites:

Alaskan tundra wolf
Taken in Antequera, Spain on May 28th 2007 - [read post]

Taken in North Berwick, Scotland on April 4th 2007 - [read post]

Lunar eclipse
Taken in Hillsborough, Sheffield on March 3rd 2007 - [read post]

Sunset silhouettes
Taken in Sheffield city centre on November 9th 2006 - [read post]

Car headlights over the hill at night
Taken just outside Hathersage on August 12th 2005 - [read post]

Cars on Penistone Road
Taken on Penistone Road on October 10th 2005 - [read post]

Trails left by car headlights
Car headlights outside Edale, August 6th 2005 - [read post]

Taken in Hillsborough Park on December 20th 2004 - [read post]

Other posts tagged with 'photos' can be found here : www.livejournal.com/users/longhairedhippy/tag/photos

Quote of the moment:
"There is no way to peace; Peace is the way" - A.J. Muste
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